Thursday, 6 September 2012

Juice for Carrie!

Packaging plays with your mind!  Has anyone noticed how oranges in those net bag things are more expensive than if you buy individual oranges?  So very strange.  30p for individual oranges, but up to 55 pence if in a package.  Surely thats an argument for going packaging free?!

We noticed this the other day as we were shopping for oranges for home -made juice in the mornings.   We have one of those electric squeezer things so its really quick to do - and tastes so much nicer than store bought juices.   If you are not already doing this, I'd definitely recommend it - its a very happy way to start the day!

Likewise, if anyone is missing buying cordial or squash in plastic bottles, here is my latest discovery from the Leon cookbook - home made lemonade!

170g fructose (or a third more sugar if you want to use that, it's less sweet)
165ml water
250 ml of lemon or lime juice

Shove the fructose or sugar in a pan with the water, and heat until it dissolves.  leave to cool.  In the meantime squeeze the lemons / limes.  When the sugar solution is cool, add the lemon / lime juice.  Put into a bottle (glass of course!) and keep in fridge.  Use like a cordial.   Its delicious and takes about 5 mins to make.

You can get some cordials / squashes in glass bottles but they are pretty expensive!  I'm trying to find cheaper alternatives...   I make this every time I see there are lemons or limes on deal at the local veg shop (strangely, quite often - I got a bag of 12 limes for 49 pence yesterday) - so it works out pretty cheap.

Anyone else have other good juice or squash ideas?

OR - even better - recipes for plastic-free cocktails?  Apparently Mark created a ginger ale, elderflower cordial, fresh lime and spiced rum cocktail last good he had three.   perhaps we should have a mid-month cocktail challenge... anyone up for it?

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  1. Have been buying loose fruit and veg for a while and it always seems to be cheaper! Also have a look at the great orange and lemon that Eddingtons and Lakeland stock.