Sunday, 2 September 2012


We're two days in - and surviving!

My favourite message so far is the following photo from Brenna - good job!!  Taken in Morrisons, apparently she managed to get them to wrap her meat in paper... we'd tried this earlier and got a big NO for health and safety reasons (?), so I'm glad this is open to negotiation.

Although, what is that hiding under all the green? It looks strangely plastic like... :)


  1. Brenna, do their salad greens come plastic-free? How about arugula?

  2. hey Laurie - the parchment veggie shops have plastic free salad leaves. not sure about rocket (arugula, to you yanks) - but i think i saw some once up there! I can check tomorrow for you.


  3. Fear not! The plastic under our worthy greens is just the re-useable IKEA bag we had in the van. Which was lucky seeing as we'd managed to leave our canvas bags at home.....

    And I think the guy at the meat counter was far too amused with our request and explanation to even think of going health and safety commando on us. I actually don't eat red meat anymore these days, but may have to since Quorn is now off-limits!

    Laurie, while Morrisons do have a good selection of plastic free veg, (not sure about the Arugula) we found ourselves buying a lot of stuff simply because it was plastic free, rather than specifically what we wanted, which isn't really the point, so will be spending quite a bit of time roaming neighbourhoods of the south side soon.

    Hmmm, maybe Mercy Corps could take me back for the month so I'd have better access??? ;-)