Thursday, 6 September 2012

I will survive!!

When I started the No Plastic Challenge I had a few worries. The biggest one was cookies. Unless you're willing to pay £1.60 for a cookie at Starbucks and the likes there is no way you can buy cookies plastic free. In fact, it is often triple wrapped in shiny and shouting packaging.

And to be fair, often the cookies themselves are a bit rubbish. Lot's of sugar, low quality ingredients.

So Carrie came up with the idea of making cookies ourselves. I  never thought it would be so easy (ok, the first batch was made by Carrie, but she urged it is dead easy).

Now there are three rolls of cookie dough in the freezer. Every time I crave cookies I can chuck a slice of oatmeal/cranberry or chocolate/walnut in the oven and 15 minutes later voila, freshly baked cookies! And that just makes me extremely happy.

And I did a great discovery at the Real Foods store today. Crunchy peanut butter in glass jar with metal lid (big jar £3.85). There is a God! Ask Carrie how much peanut butter I can eat. I never get sick of it. So I think I will survive the month...

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