Friday, 5 October 2012

Zen and the Art of Plastic-Free Shopping

The first few days we only went to small specialised shops to get our meat, fish and cheese. Our perception was that the big ones wouldn't co-operate. But going all over town for a bit of cheese isn't always practical. So why not give supermarket monster ASDA a go and see what we can get there without compromise.

Armed with a bag full of Tupperware containers we walked passed the Deli counter. We were tempted by a ready-to-eat chicken for £4.40, loose and no wrapping. "Could you just chuck it in this?". First time, no questions, no problem. The second time a younger lad looked weird at us saying: "We never do that!". "Wrong, your colleague gave it to me in my Tupperware last week", exhibit A: (see pic above which we actually had to show him, because he didn't believe it)."So could you please leave any plastic and just put it like it is in the container". Priceless to see his face. But having this said, it never has been a real issue. Morrissons and Tesco put bacon, cheese, sausages and mince meat in your container without hesitation. As long as you don't make it an issue yourself. No explaining, just expect them to do it. It works! And often it's even cheaper than the pre-packed products.

Here's some tips for plastic-free shopping

1. Always carry a Tupperware container with you when going to the shops

2. Be confident about refusing plastic (suggest for example to wrap it in grease paper or normal paper, otherwise they will get confused!)

3. Do your research where to buy what. Almost everything in the big supermarkets is packed in plastic!

4. Sometimes it is good to start a conversation about why you refuse plastic. Many people simply don't think about it. It might influence them positively!

5. And if you can, go to the shops by bike. It'll keep you really fit!

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