Monday, 1 October 2012

So How Did We Do?

Our plastic challenge month has come to a close.  While not able to eliminate completely all plastic from our lives, Team Sandport still had a good result.  Check it out:

And not all plastic!

The photo you see above is two full weeks of packaging - metal, paper and plastic.  We used to empty this bin every few days because it was so full, mostly comprised of plastic fizzy water bottles.  (Good job, too, since the council has not emptied our bin store - rubbish and recycling for over a month!)

Meanwhile, purchased a long time ago and placed in a box room far, far away.........

In event of Armageddon, please break seal.

And now what?  Will we continue the 1.5 hour journey across town for that one commodity wrapped in paper?  Will we forgo Head and Shoulders shampoo even though Lush doesn't make a non-liquid alternative (not an issue for Jim, clearly)?  No, we've learned what is practical and which plastic reduction measures we can incorporate into our lives easily.  If these have resulted in significantly less plastic passing through this household, then we've achieved our goal.

See all of you at the bar.  The first round is on us.  In glass.

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