Sunday, 16 September 2012


A clearly knackered Farmer G trudges up a big hill during an enormous day-long hike -  fuelled by the only plastic-free food he could find - two apples - and no fluids.  Ending up, unsuprisingly, with a huge dehydration headache and mammoth hunger pangs. Thankfully, Sheona had the foresight to bring a metal water bottle and steal lots of leftover breakfast from the hostel, so at least she was OK.  I suppose I could have bought some water and taken a fine, but self-fining is the moral equivalent of a 12th century knight pre-buying repentance for his impending war crimes - the poor can't afford to buy themselves environmental smugness!

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  1. Ha, I had there same issues last Friday cycling on the Yorkshire Moors. I went to a local bakery I got myself a truckload of cakes and pastries. In a paper bag. Drinks, ahum, ehh.. I bought three cans of Coke...