Tuesday, 18 September 2012

It is so easy!

If you know where to buy your plastic-free stuff and you compromise on your cravings a wee bit it is actually quite simple to do. Even in the big supermarkets just ask them to put it in your tupperware (like cheese and meat). They'll be happy to do this (and some even praise you!). Look at today's shopping.

6 rashers of bacon and 3 sausages: Crombies - £4.21 - no waste
Refill 250 grams espresso coffee beans (they grind it for you if you want): Real Foods - £4.87 - no waste
Greens, bagel and cheese: Morrissons - Cheese from the Deli counter is much cheaper than the pre-packed stuff £6 per kg - no waste
Black Isle Beer: £1.50 (on deal at Tesco!) - glass bottle and metal lid

We emptied our bin bag when we started the plastic-free month (18 days ago) and that very same bag is only 1/3 filled with stuff we bought before this month. The rest is recyclable waste. Feelin' good about it!!

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  1. ...so that's breakfast sorted.... though I suspect there was a couple more bottles strategically out of shot...