Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Soda Stream

Disclaimer:  This product is approximately 90% plastic.  I mean, have you tried to buy an appliance made entirely from metal recently?  They still exist but cost something around £695 and your first-born child.

In any event, Jim - being the gadget geekster that he is - could barely contain his enthusiasm for this little bit of plastic-reduction love.  And it eliminates the need ever again to purchase bottles, plastic or glass, of the divine fizz.

Yep, that's a plastic radio/IPod charger next to the plastic Soda Stream.  So shoot us.

This is where things get exciting:

Vroom, vroom!

The kit comes with three (plastic) bottles in which to store the final product.

The kitchen scale is Italian and NOT plastic.  Those people really know how to do it.

At least those plastic bottles are not headed for the landfill.  And that's the point, is it not?

You could hold us to a £1 fine for buying new plastic but I will lobby hard and long for the point of this purchase.  Contemplate that as you haul a week's worth of glass bottles down four flights of stairs to the recycling bin.

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