Monday, 10 September 2012



.... and to make matters worse, the blogosphere is now humiliatingly aware that I bought an Alexander McCall Smith book off ebay.

So far, living without buying new plastic has given us some problems, but most have been surmountable by careful planning or simply gritting one's teeth and not buying some stuff we like for a month.

However - despite buyng Lush's ludicrous toothytabs, instigating an all-Greggs breakfast regime, sacrificing the glories of the Nak'd bar and sporting broken shin guards all month (if I break  my shin in September, I'm suing Carrie) - several unexpected pieces of plastic have slipped through the net!

So, one week in, here is the full, unedited List of Shame....
  • Two poor-quality books from ebay, needlessly shrink-wrapped.  (Top tip for future eBay purchases is to email the seller in advance.) 
  • Similarly pointelss small piece of plastic on top of my Greggs cream doughnut.  I blame Mark Henderson, who convinced me that Greggs was a safe bet.
  • Mr Shapla!  You may be the best Indian takeaway in Edinburgh, but we reckoned without the small tub of yoghurt for the pakora and that wee bag of salad people throw straight in the bin anyway.
  • One disastrously unplanned scone-buying episode.
  • And what is going on with the Demijohn glass bottle of spicy rum liqueur?  It's already got a cork in it - why add the little slither of plastic?  Aaaarrghhh.  Nice rum, though.
However, as Ghandi said* - "there is nothing so sad as a man who does nothing becasue he cannot do it all" ...... overall we are vaguely satisfied with our team's performance, are learning from our occassional slip-ups and looking forward to our first post-challenge bag of Monster Munch.



  1. So is that one of the No. 1 Ladies Detective series?

  2. It's the bakes and sausage rolls that just come with paper. Not the donuts, doh!!!!!