Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Rain or no rain, plastic free it shall be!

Today was one of those days that you'd rather go to your local corner shop instead of cycling 2 miles up to Broughton Street. Despite the pouring rain I hopped on my bike to get coffee beans at Artisan Roast first, filling up an Illy container with Ethiopian dark roast beans. I love that place!

And 100 metres up the street I popped into Real Foods to get the loo paper with compostable wrapping.   This was one of the items we worried about, but sorted! For £2.07 for 4 rolls almost a similar price as normal loo paper (mmm, I should do adverts for them).

And another great find at Tesco. Although not 100% plastic free I found a toothpaste with an old fashion metal tube (in fact, the branding itself looks very nostalgic as well!). It's called Euthymol. Not sure what it tastes like yet, but worth the try for £1.60 a tube!

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